Since the geopolitical, social and economic risk analysis industry has not yet exploited Machine Learning technologies, NERAI is here to empower the decision-makers with radical new solutions. NERAI is an innovative technology company that focuses on AI driven analytical solutions for identifying, monitoring and analyzing geo-political risks.

The world embraced artificial intelligence. Data science is here to help explore the data for previously undiscovered value. Businesses who struggle to adapt the new era is likely to face big challenges soon

Strategic Services

●Geo-strategic Analysis
●Financial Analysis
●Real-Time Information
●Bespoke Analysis

Machine Learning Services

●Data Unification
●Entity Extraction
●Web Crawling
●Text Analysis
●Pattern Recognition and Intention extraction
●Sentiment Analysis

Strategic Services

Geo-strategic Analysis: Global Economy and politics have never been as intertwined as they are today. Political stability, security and power politics should be followed by politicians, business leaders and investors closely.
Geopolitical risks are so much interrelated that decision-makers should take a global perspective and examine global risk factors and their inter-relationships as well. With regard to these facts, geopolitical risk analysis is more relevant today for strategic, time-sensitive and business-critical decision-making processes than ever before. Thus, assessment of geopolitical risks requires professional effort. Companies and organizations who fall short of capturing critical signals in real-time and struggle to adapt to this new era, are likely to face big challenges and jeopardize their competitive edge soon. NERAI is helping companies to identify, monitor, assess and price geo-strategic risks in real-time.

Financial Analysis: AI has many things to offer for financial institutions. NERAI is ready to provide solutions from fraud detection to credit-risk scoring models, forecasting and technical analysis.

Real-Time Information: Our capabilities are ready to serve real-time information according to your needs and priorities. You can learn about market-moving events faster.

Bespoke Analysis : What makes NERAI unique is its innovative approach and capability to marry social sciences, field experience and domain expertise with ML/AI. The human assisted AI approach incorporates a data science framework and big data technologies to deliver bespoke solutions.

Machine Learning Services

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the new normal, sitting at the core of many business models. The role of technology is shifting from being a business enabler to a business driver.
From telco to energy, financial services to retail and transportation, not only tech firms, organisations across almost all industries are using ML/AI to stay competitive and get ready for the future.

Data Unification: NERAI offers comprehensive, unified and enhanced data from any source.
Entity Extraction : NERAI offers unique, accurate and easily adaptable entity extraction in multiple languages by benefitting from machine learning models and Natural Language Processing.
Web Crawling : We offer complete web scraping services for any size business. We provide capability that can crawl publicly available data at very high speeds and with high accuracy.
Text Analysis : Text analysis is a game-changer for detecting important and all-related matters, our solutions can provide in the sense that it can work in real-time 24/7.
Summarization : With such a big amount of data circulating in the digital space, we are here to develop machine learning algorithms that can automatically shorten longer texts into understandable and result oriented ones.

Pattern Recognition and Intention extraction: Data mining techniques to extract needed information
Sentiment Analysis: Companies need to mine and understand vast stores of unstructured social data for actionable insights which requires sophisticated tools such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to get the sentiments of social media users. NERAI is here to offer unique and innovative solutions for the companies.